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Grocery Prices

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people buying tea at a store counter
Australians buying tea just before the price increases.

Grocery prices are up, and my wife took the opportunity to do some comparison shopping. We currently shop at Aldi, of course, so her research question was, Is it worth it to buy Sam’s and/or Costco memberships and shop for certain items there? She concluded that it is for us.

Here’s her spreadsheet. Enter your monthly quantities on the “Item Analysis” tab and it’ll show how much you could save at each bulk seller. Or just browse the price list on the Price Master List tab.


  • All prices are local to St Louis
  • Assumes you have space to store bulk of everything
  • Shows savings of 0 when item not sold at Aldi (difficult to say what price to compare to)
  • Does not take gas prices into account

Download Worksheet